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Watch Out For the Spring Freeze!

Posted by Lauren Oyster on
Geraniums - Americana Red

Don’t forget to cover your plants and fragile blossoms this Thursday(tomorrow) and Friday night! Temps are expected to drop below freezing. Damage to plants can occur when a severe cold front moves through on the heels of a warm period. As a reminder, we just had one of these warm periods. I like to call it ‘fake spring’.

If you have “tender” or budding plants you can use a light bed sheet to gently cover them for added protection. I’ve also successfully used large cardboard boxes or buckets to easily cover blossoms and buds that are grouped together. However, do not use sheets of plastic to cover plants as it can actually make them colder. Lastly, if you have plants in containers, you should move them to a garage or shed for extra protection.  

Examples of “tender” plants: 

  • Gardenia 

  • Begonias 

  • Impatiens 

  • Phlox 

  • Salvia 

  • Vinca 

  • Zinnia 

  • Petunia 

  • Verbena 

I’ve learned the late frost lesson the hard way myself. Hoping my loss can be your gain.  

In more colorful news, I made a visit to Mobley Plant Farm yesterday and took a lot of pictures. It was glorious to say it mildly. Take a look at some of my favorite photos below.  

It’s easy to see the quality we’ll be planting this spring. Now, head over to and add some plants to your cart. Orders made now through Tuesday (4/06) will be delivered by next weekend.   


When you buy from Bloomly, you’re receiving: 

  1. Quality (did you notice the fullness?)  

  2. Convenience of online purchasing and delivery  

  3. Inspiration: flower bed and container designs

  4. Hard to find varieties of flowers and plants

  5. Ongoing plant guidance and education  

We love growing Bloomly, and we are excited you’ve decided to join us on this journey!  

Your Bloomly Bud, 



Lantana - Little Lucky - Hot Pink

Lantana - Little Lucky - Hot Pink


Coleus - "Alabama" 

 Coleus - "Alabama"


Heuchera -Midnight Rose and Caramel 

Heuchera - Caramel and Midnight Rose


Crossandra Orange Marmalade (I love the word marmalade)

Crossandra Orange Marmalade


New Balcony or Porch Planters!

 Porch Planter

Mobley Plant Farm

Mobley Plant Farm


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